Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday November 2, 2012 - The View From Section EE

A couple weeks ago we were driving out to Omaha to get the final touches done on the old house. We took the kids and were dropping them off at my parents. In the middle of that car ride we were lectured on about everything anyone would ever want to know about bats from Brianna. She must have had a weeks worth of lessons at school on bats, because she knew probably everything about them. I honestly think she talked about bats for a good 30 - 45 minutes. There was no way around it, we were going to learn about bats. For the next week or so, that is about all Bri and Emily played was bats. Emily was Stellaluna, the name of a fruit bat in a kids book for the next week. It was pretty funny watching Emily walk around and flap her arms, all because Bri told her too.

So Bri all excited about bats, she wanted to build a bat house. Since I thought it was cute seeing her excited about something she was learning about in school, I agreed. Its only been a week, but I am guessing there is no way a bat will find her bat house, so this early in the game I am not too worried about them showing up anytime soon. Now I may regret that in the Spring, but we have a few months for that. Last Sunday Bri and I went out to find a bat house. I took the easy way out and just took her to Menard's to buy a small bat house. According to the label, this thing can house up to 12 bats. Once again, we will see about that. Here is Bri and her bat house hung up in the tree.

Prediction time:

Last week ISU got what they needed, a solid offensive performance against a bad Baylor defense. Steele Jantz was named the starting quarterback the day before the game and he looked good. There is good Steele and there is bad Steele. Lets just hope the good Steele decides to stay the course the remainder of the season. If he stays calm and doesn't panic and start running the ball 20 times a game, they have a good chance of winning some game. 

5-69-2. That is the all time record of Iowa State against Oklahoma, the Cyclones foe tomorrow. The last time Iowa State beat Oklahoma in Ames, Jack Trice Stadium wasn't built and the 1960's was only 10 months old. This has to be one of the most lopsided series in the county with schools that have been in the same conference for as long as these two have. 

On another note, Oklahoma is coming off a loss to Notre Dame at home, their second loss at home this year.  I don't believe Oklahoma has lost consecutive games in a very long time, probably 13 years. Nothing like an angry Oklahoma coming to Ames on a cold November day to be reminded of how bad the Cyclones have played against the Sooners in 76 games. 

During last weeks game, ISU senior Jake Knott played his last game as a Cyclone. It was rumored all week he had shoulder issues and wasn't going to play. I heard him on the radio this week and it turns out the guy was suppose to have surgery before the Baylor game but it got delays until Monday after the game. The doctor told him he could play but he would have to do so with no medications due to the surgery only being two days away. He played anyway, recorded 11 tackles and forced a fumble as Baylor was about to score. All that earned him Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week, with a useless shoulder, and no meds. Most people, me, would have sat out with a hangnail, let alone a torn muscle in the shoulder. 

With Knott out for the rest of the year it could be a rough time for the defense loosing their leader, but I think they will make it work out. This coaching staff has had some solid production from their linebackers and the other guys will make the most of it and continue the solid defensive performances. 

I think its crazy to once again pick Iowa State to win, as I have done every game this year, but if they are every due to beat an Oklahoma team, now is the time. The game is at home, it will be cold, and the Oklahoma offense is facing another tough defense for the second week in a row. I think this one could be ugly with turnovers, but if ISU commits less turnovers and keeps the ball moving, they have a shot for the upset.

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