Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday November 22, 2012 - The View From Section EE

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure everyone has tons to be thankful for and so do we. Today started a mini vacation! Not a live get away to Vegas or anything but the two monsters, I mean kids, went to my parents in Harlan! I love them to death but this past week has been brutal. Full of whining kids who have lost their ability to sleep through the night, in their own beds! We have all been a little cranky so hopefully a couple days away will do us all some good.

Emily is talking a ton and she is now starting to use words she has no clue what the really mean. My case in point is the word hate. A lot of it started when she must have hear Bri or someone say they dislike Emily's favorite show on Netflix, Pingu. I recommend checking it out. A show about this penguin family and there are no real words spoken. She loved it. Now back to the point, the kids were over at Marty as Liz's house. Emily must not have had her way at something and she said she "hates grandpa". I had to laugh but its definitely a word we need to get her to stop using.

I'm back to using my phone and posting this on the go, so we will see if I can get a picture to post. Emily and Reagan had a little snuggle time the other morning.

A little about Brianna. She was the star student this week. Basically a week all about her. Just what she needs, more attention. As we for ready for school the other day she walks out of her room and said "I think I look like a star today!" I had no response. Just let her think what she wants.


Last week Iowa State went to Kansas and did something no one saw coming, they destroyed Kansas. Kansas is a bad team but they have played most of the conference games close. The big surprise was the then third string quarterback coming into the game and had an outstanding debut. The kid is a freshman so there is a lot of hope in the coming years.

Tomorrows finale is against one of the Big 12 newcomers, West Virginia. West Virginia started the season really fast and was labeled the team to beat in the conference. Then Big 12 play started and the harsh reality hit that they weren't playing a Big East schedule anymore. West Virginia sits at 5 wins, not even bowl eligible yet. Their wheels have basically fallen off their bus but they found a new glimmer of home. Last week against Oklahoma they moved their star wide receiver to running back. In his first game at running back he only ran for over 300 yards and racked up over 500 yards of total offense. Amazing numbers that look to be a tough task for the Cyclones.

West Virginia may be able to score a lot of points but they have one of the worst defenses in the country. Similar to Baylor. ISU has held every Big 12 team well under their scoring average. They must keep West Virginia under 35 points of they want to win. Im sticking with the Cyclones and saying they pick up their 7th win of the year!



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