Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday November 9, 2012 - The View From Section EE

At the beginning of last week the weather forecast was calling for a warm Saturday. We decided that Morgan and Brianna would go tailgate with us, especially since it was not a night game. The downfall was, it was an 11 am kick off. That means a very early wake up call. Bri knew I would be waking her up really early and she was ready, but its a different story when 5 am actually happened. I went in and woke Bri up and it looked easy, for about 10 seconds. She sat up then immediately laid back down. After some convincing she was up and ready to go. Then here comes a story she will hate me for in years. Once we get on the bus to Ames, there isn't a bathroom break until we get there. And when we get there, they are the nasty portable restrooms. In preparation I told Bri to go to the bathroom at the house. She agreed. After a minute or two its all quiet. I go into the bathroom and Bri had fallen asleep on the toilet. I am kicking myself for not getting the camera out!

Once we got to Ames we luckily had a pretty good spot in our lot, right at the edge of the lot next to the hills that separate the lots. After about five minutes in the lot while setting up, Bri was a maniac and rolling down the hills. I thought for sure she would turn grumpy and sit in the RV, but she did a good job all day. We left the tailgate early to get into the stadium to beat the crowds. Typically when the weather turns cold the lines for hot chocolate are huge, so we went early to beat those crowds. Turns out I over estimated potential lines. We walked right in and had no lines to wait for.

For some reason, Kristy has found numerous ways to do this, so I wasn't surprised when Bri was able to this as well. Just very different circumstances on the sleep.

The third largest crowd to watch a game (another loss) at Jack Trice Stadium and this kid fell asleep. It was a long day for this first grader so a little nap was needed. It only took this little cat nap and she was ready to go once we got back to the tailgate. It could have been the candy, but nothing conclusive yet. 

Last weeks game against Oklahoma is the definition of the haves vs the have nots. Oklahoma has so many more talented players and it showed. When ISU was dropping crucial passes in the first half, Oklahoma was making amazing catches. The defense gave up a ton of yards, but was able to keep the score reasonable. A few less drops in the first half and this very easily could have been a close one to the very end. But a 15 point loss to Oklahoma is definitely progress. 


Tomorrows game is at Texas. Once again its the haves vs the have nots, but Texas hasn't been the Texas it should be with the billion dollar budget. Texas is 7-2 so far this year, but a couple weeks ago they squeaked by a horrible Kansas team and a lot of fans in Texas were calling for their coach to get fired. Now they are riding a three game winning streak and could be a dangerous game for the Cyclones. 

Last week I picked ISU banking on the fact that Oklahoma would have been a nice upset special of the year, and that didnt turn out so well. Two years ago ISU won at Texas, but that Texas team turned out to be awful. This year I dont have a good feeling as they travel to Austin. I obviously hope I am wrong, but I think Texas wins this one easily. 


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