Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday April 24, 2009

Things have been a little rough in the household this week. The kid decides she doesn't want to sleep through the night. She has been getting up in the middle of the night extremely needy. She needs water. She needs to go to the bathroom. She needs to sleep in our bed. She needs us to cover her up. Its been a rough few nights. I think we have gone back to when she was a new born. I cant imagine those days again, who am I kidding, I didn't do anything then but sleep then if you ask Kristy. Needless to say, a whiny kid who is lacking a full nights sleep, plus her parents who have even less sleep makes for a grumpy house.

To add to the grumpiness, bowling. Who would have thought four guys joining a bowling league for fifteen consecutive Sundays would have caused so much trouble. The four of us joined a harmless, $10 a week bowling week. Its on Sundays at night. Its a party bowling league sponsored by a bad local radio station, I think that answers my question. Just out of principle, the only time we listen to the channel is when we are on our way to the lanes.

Its made up of about 30 teams, and we are currently inside the top ten. Its fun and competitive, its been years since any of us have competed in anything, that's why its bowling not a marathon. You would think our women and baby's mamma's would all show up and cheer and take part in this exciting time. They would be the only significant others there, since I am going to be judgemental here, but the guys in the league, don't really resemble the type of guys that a.) have a girlfriend and b.) definitely aren't married. I think the four of us have more rings and college degrees than the rest of the league combined. That alone should give us a higher handicap. So I guess I better be a little more thoughtful on the next time we chose a league to join, or just join anyway and endure the wrath of angry wives!!!

If the Dude can roll when he wants, why cant we!?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday April 14, 2009

Recently I started to wonder why our house is a disaster. We have procrastinated to paint the ugly original white walls in our living room and hallways. As of now, there are a million colors that has mysteriously appeared on these walls. So, I have located 2 possible suspects:


A is a toddler that still has not mastered silverware. She tends to use her hands and most of her food goes onto the floor. She has a tendency to take a drink of water and then see what happens when you tip a cup over with liquid still inside. The upside here is, she has not yet found out that markers indeed work on walls as they do on coffee tables.

B.B is a boxer that is not very smart at times. He will eat his food so fast that when he walks away, he ends up spitting full pieces of dog food and saliva out onto the carpet. After he walks around and digest some of the food, he goes back and finishes up his nice mess on the floor. This dog also has a thing for hitting every single mud puddle in the backyard. It can be dry for a month, but he somehow runs through the yard and brings 4 paws full of mud. (And yes its mud, I think)

So the winner is.......B.

Just last night I get woken up to a dog that sneezed. No big deal, but then he gets up, walks around our room, shakes a thousand times. He walks out into the hallway and he puts his body up against the wall and proceeds to walk down to the end of the hall rubbing his body up against the wall. He turns around and walks back to our room continuing this odd behavior. He does this again. I have no clue what he was doing. Its dry in our house, his skin could be dry and itchy, or he's a freak and he's sleepwalking. I really don't know what his deal was. Too bad he doesn't have thumbs and the proper vocal chords to communicate with us.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Well the Vegas trip has ended. We got back Wednesday night and we are still recovering this morning. The return trip was the smoothest time I have ever had at an airport. In Vegas we got out of the cab, checked in, luggage checked, and sitting at our gate in a matter of 10 minutes. No lines, no waiting. And the plane boarded and departed on time. That's quite the change from our trip out to Vegas. Here is a run down of day 1.

Wake up at 3:45 am, and get picked up at 4:30 am. We find a quick parking spot right next to the shuttle, things seem to be going well. We get into Eppley and everything is on time.

5:40 am, we begin to board the plane. We cant possibly have a delay when we are already boarding the plane. As 6:00 am approaches, we are informed we have to de-ice. No big deal, we have decent amount of time in Chicago for our connection. We de-ice and we start going down the runway. We get to the end and we pull off to the side. The pilot comes out and looks at the wings then a pick-up truck drives around us. The pilot comes back on the radio and tells us we have to go back to de-ice again because the left side of the plane has frozen back over and he can't physically see the wing. Meanwhile, about 2 planes have taken off while we sit at the end of the runway.

So we go back for more de-icing and then we make another run back out to the end of the runway. We sit, and sit, and sit, and sit. Then the pilot comes back out and is looking our the windows at the wing. He makes this wonderful announcement that we have to go back and de-ice again.

After waiting in line with about 10 other planes to de-ice, we get our chance. After the third time de-icing, we head back out to the runway and we finally take off. We boarded our plane at 5:30 am for a 6:00 am departure. We left Omaha at 9:00 am. We got to Chicago at 10:00 am or so. Our connection to Vegas was at 9:45 am.

So, since we missed our connection by 15 minutes, we had to get re-booked. All other flights from Chicago to Vegas were booked. So we got on a 3:45 pm flight to Los Angelas and after a quick layover we get to Vegas by 6:00 pm Vegas time. Not bad, 6 hours late is manageable. We sit down for lunch and I get a call. Not even 20 minutes after we re-booked, but our flight from LA to Vegas is cancelled and we are on a new one that gets us into Vegas at midnight. Freakin midnight!!!

So after going to every service counter for United, there was nothing else we could do. We were put on stand by for every earlier flight to Vegas and of course they are all full.

We were suppose to be in Vegas around noon, and get get in 12 hours later. As we sat on the runway in Omaha, Tim and Brooke taxi right on past us and take off and they were sipping cold ones int he hot sun shortly after lunch time.

To add insult to injury, we arrive at our hotel, Harrah's. There is no line to check in, so we walk right up. Even though we booked our rooms around Thanksgiving, we couldn't get one room for the 3 nights we were there. Since we arrived so damn late, our room was taken and we had one room for Sunday night and then had to check out and re-check back into another room. As crappy as this sounds, it wasn't so bad. They gave us a suite for the first night. It was huge. It had two 40 plus inch screen TV's, a huge bar, 2 bathrooms. It was nice, too bad we only had it less than 12 hours.

Other than those fiasco's, it was a good time. We didn't win crap, we spent a ton on booze, but it was a good time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday April 3, 2009

Well Brianna's pink eye appears to have cleared up. She has been back to her true, bossy self the past day and a half. The poor dog. He spent the past 2 hours sleeping up stairs and once he get to the basement he has a toddler hanging on his neck.

Now that we have cleared the first hurdle on our voyage to Vegas, another one is upon us.

That's right, a snow storm in April. How in the hell does this happen? Its going to be 60 degrees today and for most of Saturday it will rain and be in the 50's. But, between Saturday evening and Sunday morning when our flight is suppose to depart, we will be getting snow and wind. To make things better, its going to warm up Sunday night and into Monday, but for a 12 hours time frame we get this junk. Talk about frustrating.

So we decided to look at alternatives, like drive to Denver, where we switch planes. This wont happen either because they are getting the same junk Friday night into Saturday. So our only option is to sit tight and hope to god this snow misses out and we get the hell out of Omaha on time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday April 1, 2009

I was hoping someone was playing a nasty April Fool's joke on us today. Since we are so close to our Vegas trip we can taste it, Bri gets pink eye. As I sit here typing this, she doesn't really look like she's sick, she looks like she will be in preschool for the rest of her life. I look down and she just took a bite out of Styrofoam that is on her trampoline. I guess it taste good, my god I wonder what she is thinking.

So as I sit here and imagine the glowing lights, rolling the dice, sipping some cocktails, and dragging the occasional pot ,what would it be like with pink eye in Vegas? I really only have one solution, alcohol kills things right? I am going to go on that assumption and have one drink for me and dump the strongest shot they have on my eyes. It sounds like perfect logic, it should work just fine. Or secondly and more realistic, pray to god we don't get it. We are about 6 hours away from her having it for 24 hours, so we are almost out of the woods, but with our luck, who knows.

Here is a look at the pink eye monster.

She is looking rough. I think its going to be a long couple days.