Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday April 1, 2009

I was hoping someone was playing a nasty April Fool's joke on us today. Since we are so close to our Vegas trip we can taste it, Bri gets pink eye. As I sit here typing this, she doesn't really look like she's sick, she looks like she will be in preschool for the rest of her life. I look down and she just took a bite out of Styrofoam that is on her trampoline. I guess it taste good, my god I wonder what she is thinking.

So as I sit here and imagine the glowing lights, rolling the dice, sipping some cocktails, and dragging the occasional pot ,what would it be like with pink eye in Vegas? I really only have one solution, alcohol kills things right? I am going to go on that assumption and have one drink for me and dump the strongest shot they have on my eyes. It sounds like perfect logic, it should work just fine. Or secondly and more realistic, pray to god we don't get it. We are about 6 hours away from her having it for 24 hours, so we are almost out of the woods, but with our luck, who knows.

Here is a look at the pink eye monster.

She is looking rough. I think its going to be a long couple days.

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