Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday April 3, 2009

Well Brianna's pink eye appears to have cleared up. She has been back to her true, bossy self the past day and a half. The poor dog. He spent the past 2 hours sleeping up stairs and once he get to the basement he has a toddler hanging on his neck.

Now that we have cleared the first hurdle on our voyage to Vegas, another one is upon us.

That's right, a snow storm in April. How in the hell does this happen? Its going to be 60 degrees today and for most of Saturday it will rain and be in the 50's. But, between Saturday evening and Sunday morning when our flight is suppose to depart, we will be getting snow and wind. To make things better, its going to warm up Sunday night and into Monday, but for a 12 hours time frame we get this junk. Talk about frustrating.

So we decided to look at alternatives, like drive to Denver, where we switch planes. This wont happen either because they are getting the same junk Friday night into Saturday. So our only option is to sit tight and hope to god this snow misses out and we get the hell out of Omaha on time!

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