Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday April 14, 2009

Recently I started to wonder why our house is a disaster. We have procrastinated to paint the ugly original white walls in our living room and hallways. As of now, there are a million colors that has mysteriously appeared on these walls. So, I have located 2 possible suspects:


A is a toddler that still has not mastered silverware. She tends to use her hands and most of her food goes onto the floor. She has a tendency to take a drink of water and then see what happens when you tip a cup over with liquid still inside. The upside here is, she has not yet found out that markers indeed work on walls as they do on coffee tables.

B.B is a boxer that is not very smart at times. He will eat his food so fast that when he walks away, he ends up spitting full pieces of dog food and saliva out onto the carpet. After he walks around and digest some of the food, he goes back and finishes up his nice mess on the floor. This dog also has a thing for hitting every single mud puddle in the backyard. It can be dry for a month, but he somehow runs through the yard and brings 4 paws full of mud. (And yes its mud, I think)

So the winner is.......B.

Just last night I get woken up to a dog that sneezed. No big deal, but then he gets up, walks around our room, shakes a thousand times. He walks out into the hallway and he puts his body up against the wall and proceeds to walk down to the end of the hall rubbing his body up against the wall. He turns around and walks back to our room continuing this odd behavior. He does this again. I have no clue what he was doing. Its dry in our house, his skin could be dry and itchy, or he's a freak and he's sleepwalking. I really don't know what his deal was. Too bad he doesn't have thumbs and the proper vocal chords to communicate with us.

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