Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday March 30, 2009

I had a really long post typed and saved but I lost it. I was working so hard to get something written before Earth Hour went into effect and it didn't happen. I even figured out pictures and even had a video posted. Actually, that's all a lie. I have been lazy and haven't written anything. For our observance of Earth Hour, we had almost every light on in the house, I ran the water in the showers, and spent 3 days decorating the house, see below.
I know its March and Christmas is over, but I thought, what a great way to show my appreciation for this joyous occasion. Next year I am considering starting our cars and letting then run for the hour, turning on the gas fireplace, and throwing all my recycling in the trash. Oh wait, I already do the last one. I am really taking a walk on the wild side here.
So this week I will have to discuss our other child, the fur-baby Reagan. As I am writing this, this is the first time today he has sat next to me.

He has a rough couple days, but in a good way. He played with Puppy Paige Saturday night for a long time. This wears the old man out and he slept a ton Sunday. Then Sunday night, he played with her again, for a long time. By the time we were 3 blocks away from Tim and Brooke's, he was sound asleep in the car. He scratched to go outside when we got home and I let him out. He was there for a while so it was safe to assume he did his business. I let him in and he went directly to our room and laid down in the middle of our bed and was ready for sleep. When Bri and I got ready, I kicked him out, it touch sleeping with an 80 pound beast of a dog.

Kristy has the picture, I may choose to post it later but its not a friendly picture to post. I guess during the night, he needed to conduct more business outside. Since he doesn't have thumbs, he couldn't open the door. Good thing Kristy got home to deal with it, but I guess there was a massive pile on our dinning room floor. This explains why it took him a few hours to even acknowledge me today, he knows he's in trouble. He's lucky he's a good looking dog, otherwise he would have been to the pound a while ago. So my take for the day, if your old man dog plays with a puppy that's less than a year old for 2 whole days, he's going to sleep like he has died and needs frequent bathroom breaks.

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