Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday March 16, 2009

The weekend didn't go so bad. It started off very interesting, so I will get straight to the point on my take for today. The auto industry isn't doing well, but it doesn't really matter, I am not in the market for a new car, but I do have some advice. The way new cars are made there are a ton of gadgets on the dash. Temperature, speed, and a number of things that I really don't pay attention to. But there is one small gage that is very important. The gas gage. This thing is so important, but why is it so damn small? If I were to design a car, I would probably make this gage the size of the speedometer. Its not like I personnaly ran out of gas this weekend, I have never done such a thing. Just others that I know, I probably shouldn't mention her name. If you chose to guess, here is a hint. Her name rhymes with Schristy.

The coming week should be good, UNI has quietly became the best college basketball school in Iowa. Four NCAA tournaments in six years. They have come a long way since 300 fans would "pack" the Dome for a Tuesday night game. Drake is Drake and last year was a fluke. Iowa is having trouble recruiting criminals, they just dont make the grade anymore. Finally Iowa State cant keep a player longer than two seasons.

Now that we live in Omaha, this little school called Creighton thinks they are God's gift to college athletics. I took more pleasure seeing Creighton's name left off the NCAA Tournament list than I did seeing UNI's in the field. It still makes me laugh. The craziest thing is I tried to like Creighton. When I first moved here I tried to find a sports team to like, the Huskers are never an option, so I watched a couple of Creighton games. The first UNI/Creighton game I saw, I developed a full dislike for the Jays. Especially when there was a father and his young son about three rows behing the UNI section a few years ago. He said to his son "I cant believe we have to sit by the stupid Panther fans." Are you kidding me? This is a good thing to teach your young son. I am sure he is the same way at Husker football games. So, I am sure his son learned a lot from us Panther fans, hopefully a lot of words he repeated at home. So it will be nice seeing UNI in the tournament, even if they lost first round. Its still a better accomplishment than any win in the NIT.

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