Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday March 18, 2009

I actually wish this was a hangover piece since its the day after St. Patrick's Day. Instead, I am tired because I just got back from Dora the Explorer. I cant believe I said that. This little illegal immigrant teaching my kid Spanish. Its the crazy new America. My take for the day is this, Dora the Explorer and such events need to sell alcohol or have a separate room with TV's and a number of sporting events on.

Since I brought the toddler up, I have an interesting little story or two from this week. Since its the middle of March and we had a few nice days out, Bri, Reagan, and I decided to go for a walk. Bri insisted on riding her bike. I strapped on her helmet and we started to ride her little bike that she got from her Aunt Morgan. This bike is just too big and maybe this fall she will be ready. She sits on the seat and cant reach the pedals so she will stand over the bike and walk. It has to be frustrating, she cant take big steps but it is a funny sight, a toddler with a large bike helmet standing over a bike and walking. So Reagan and I got a head start and she got mad. She decided to get off the bike and push it, supposedly this will be easier. She was on an incline in a neighbors drive way and the bike starts to roll toward the street. She is getting mad and starts to yell at her bike. All I can do is laugh at her. (Side note: the bike never made it to the street)

So after a trip to the mail box this has bike ride needs to end. Since I wont carry the bike, she drags the bike back into the garage and she wants to go for a walk. I asked if she wants to take her helmet off and she insists I leave it on. So, the three of us go for a walk. I am dragging an 80 pound beast of a dog and this kid is walking around the neighborhood with a helmet on. Everyone had to assume I am either the most protective parent on Earth or this kid will be riding the short bus to school.

Now speaking of protective parent, here is another quickie. We were with Tim and Brooke, I believe, and Bri says something like "I have a boyfriend in the backyard." Of course, Tim has a strange look like there should be some story behind this, and yes there is. Bri was doing something weird and Kristy had asked her "what are we going to do when you get a boyfriend?" Bri didn't respond but I did. I answered by saying "we will bury him in the backyard." Now she will randomly say something about a boyfriend in the back yard. Thank God we are on the edge of the city with a nice cornfield in the backyard.

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