Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday November 16, 2012 - The View From Section EE

This week will be a short one. Its been a long week with Emily throwing up two mornings in a row all over herself and the floor and Brianna being a bear at night. Not sure what her deal is but sharks are once again invading her room at night. Once of these days she may get over this.


Last week was not good for the Cyclones. It took Marty and I most of the first half to install the over the air antenna on his garage. See below. Funny thing is that now we have it figured it out nicely and its now attached to our deck. Some TV is a lot better than no TV!

This week Iowa State goes to Kansas. Kansas has won one game all year. They have lost close to 20 straight Big 12 games. Kansas has played well recently and took a decent Texas Tech team to overtime last week. I was really hoping Kansas would get their first conference win before ISU travels to Lawrence. It would look very bad if ISU was the team to burst their losing stream. 

With that said, there is no way I can pick Kansas to win. ISU showed some life in the running game last week, but after two good runs six bad passing plays would be called next. A trend that has to be eliminated in order to beat Kansas. Kansas will also run the ball a lot and throw out a trick play or two. In the past 4 years ISU has only lost twice when favored. Another sad fact, in the last 48 games, ISU has only been favored in about 14 of them. I think the defense stops Kansas' running game and ISU wins earning bowl eligibility for the third time in four years. (I am feeling a road trip is in our future!)



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