Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday October 25, 2012 - The View From Section EE

I will start off with the video I tried to load last week. Here is Emily and her Old McDonald song. She has sense increased the words a little, but this was all she had at the time. 

I will start off this week with a little bit of school safety information. Yesterday we had scheduled Brianna's conferences during lunch since I am stuck at work on the evenings. We had Kristy's grandpa's truck removing more leaves from the yard. We dropped off the leaves at the dump and drove up to the school. We were about 10 minutes early so as we drove by the schools playground we saw Bri outside, so we parked and watched her play. We said to each other that we felt like creepers watching kids at recess. We then went inside to go to Bri's conferences and the Principal walks up to us and asked us if we were driving a pickup truck. Turns out the crossing guards, two girls a few years older than Bri, were to report any suspicious cars while they are outside. Turns out they did a good job and at least reported us! Like I said, we thought were were a little creepy. Its a good thing they are being observant. 

Tomorrow marks a pretty big day for us. Closing day for the Omaha house! It only took 17 months to sell the house and a financial headache, but its sold. We went out last weekend to get the last of our belongings out of there. It was a little rough. We were fortunate enough to get into the housing market when they were passing mortgages out at the street corner and we were able to get a brand new house. It was everything we needed in a house. 

Brought home a few monsters into that home. The yard felt so big when we brought Reagan home. Looked like he could run and run and not even get close to the neighbors house with his little puppy strides. Then as he got bigger and decided to disobey us and go to the neighbors deck it was time to fence him in. Turns out wooden fence posts, large dog, and some nasty wind doesn't bode well for the fence. Bri decided to leave her lasting impression on the house after we had the carpets cleaned professionally for Christmas one year. We, begrudgingly, gave her cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks. Roughly two sips into it, it gets dumped on the carpet. 100% our fault. Everyone from the Myans to Nostrodamus to anyone on the street knew she was going to do that, yet we gave in and let her have it. As we were leaving, the carpets looked good, but there was her huge stain of hot cocoa. Emily was there the shortest amount of time, but she still left her mark, or we failed to clean her mark up. A couple cute hand prints on the stainless steel of the oven was cute enough to just leave. 

As rough as it was to leave, we do realize that from the very beginning we knew we weren't going to be in that house forever. Its just too bad it took so damn long to sell! 


Last week the Iowa State offense showed once again its one of the worst in the conference. For some reason they started out really well taking a 10-7 lead. Then the wheels fell off and they failed to move the ball at all. Its a little frustrating since the running game was suppose to be so good, but it has been anything but good. If I had any say in the matter, and from 19 rows up in the end zone my opinion is pretty much ignored, I would run the ball with Jeff Woody more than the 5 times a game he gets now. They need to play the game 10 yards at a time and use Woody to chew up 3-4 yards a play. Eat a lot of clock and punch it in with lengthy scoring drives. 

This week brings Baylor to Ames. Baylor has one of the better offenses facing a good Iowa State defense. The Baylor defense is literally the worst defense in the country. Its too bad the Iowa State Offense is so bad, but this should be a game they put some points on the board. I do not have a very good feeling about this one, but I hope I am wrong. This is a turning point for both teams, the loser goes home with a difficult chance of making a bowl game. The winner sets them self up for a bowl chance and a strong finish. I have that feeling Baylor will win this thing, but there is no way I can predict Baylor to win. ISU gets the running game going and they pull off the win. 


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