Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday October 11, 2012 - The View From Section EE

This week brings a couple Emily stories. I think Brianna will be OK with her not being mentioned this week.

First Story:

This past Sunday we raked up a billion leaves in the yard. While running the leaf blower, I look over and Emily is walking up to me and talking and not really making a lot of sense. This had been a common theme while running the leaf blower and not being able to hear her. A minute later Kristy stops me and tells me to look over at Emily. She must have been telling me she had to go to the bathroom because I look over and her pants are down in the middle of the yard. Luckily she had not yet gone, otherwise she would have peed all over her clothes! I guess it took a couple times in the summer when other kids/boys happen to go to the bathroom in the yard to make her think she can go too. This wasn't the first occasion, but first occasion where she wasn't wearing a dress or a swimsuit.

Second Story:

Since Kristy has a new daytime hours job, we have had to use the day care place in town on occasion. Yesterday was one of those occasions. Emily was there all day as we both had to work early in the morning. Turns out she has been doing pretty good. She doesn't like tomato's and nacho's, but we knew that. Her report yesterday had a couple interesting points. One, she is kind of bossy. Who knew with a sister like Brianna that Emily would turn bossy?!?!?! I guess it was just a matter of time before we found that out. The next point is interesting. Emily naps really well in the afternoon for us. Turns out she naps well there too, but it took a twist yesterday. The workers found Emily after she woke up walking on top of currently sleeping kids. I didn't believe it when I heard it. I asked her about it today and she said she walked on them and it was fun. Nothing new here, but what Emily wants, Emily gets. I guess.


Last week I thought ISU would win by 14, and they did! The ISU offense did score more than I predicted, but that's a good thing. They switched to the back up quarterback, Jared Barnett. Obviously that was the correct move. For some reason, they seem to respond a lot better on offense with Barnett in the line up. Jantz may have a better arm, but Barnett gets the offense moving.

The past three ISU/Kansas State games have been decided by a total of 15 points, all K-State wins. The things old man Bill Snyder has done at K-State is tremendous. He took on of the worst football programs in the history of football and made them a winner. He retired then after three bad years returned to continue what he has done in the past, win. ISU is due in so many ways to beat the Wildcats. Three years ago an amazing catch in the end zone as the game was ending resulted in ISU needing an extra point to tie the game. Go figure, it gets blocked and K-State wins. The next year ISU was down 7 late in the game when Austen Arnaud overthrew a wide open Alexander Robinson that would have resulted in the potential game tying touchdown. Then last year in a cold blustery day in Manhattan, ISU just couldn't get it down and lost by 7.

This year K-State is ranked in the top 10, and for the first time in a long time, ISU is ranked 25th in the Coach's Poll. Turns out this Saturday the weather could play a major factor. Sounds like a lot of rain throughout the day and even thunderstorms and potential severe weather. K-State is a team that does not make mistakes, but they are playing a solid ISU defense. I think ISU will be able to stop K-State's running attack and force them to pass, and if the conditions are as bad as they say they will be, this bodes well for Iowa State. The ISU offense must not turn the ball over. That is the key. IF they turn the ball over less than K-State, they win. Its that simple. Bill Snyder teams make other teams look bad by capitalizing on their mistakes. I the magic number is 24. If ISU gets to 24 first, they win the game. I look for it to get sloppy at times, but think ISU pulls the upset.



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