Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday October 28, 2011 - The View From Section EE

Last week saw an ISU quarterback throw an interception on the very first play of the game. Not long after, he was pulled, and a new quarterback is now in place. Barnett looked pretty good, but some crucial dropped passes stalled a few drives and Texas A&M was able to do just enough to maintain a solid lead. Even though A&M won easy, it seemed ISU had some new life with a new quarterback into place.

Last Wednesday, my sister Teresa and her husband Juan Luis, and my brother Paddy flew in from Seattle. It was a real good time filled with way too much food, as usual. We got to watch a couple World Series games, showed Paddy what keeps people returning to casinos (A $50 plus winnings on the strangest slot machine I have ever seen).

Bri and Emma had an outstanding time! Teresa and Juan Luis spoiled Brianna with another awesome pair of shoes, her Sketcher Twinkle Toes. Last summer Bri got a Twinkle Toes toy from a happy meal somewhere. She had been asking us for them, and we just blew her off hoping she would forget. To all of our surprise, Teresa came to the rescue for Bri's new fancy shoes! Emma got a pair of cowboy boots and she look hilarious trying to walk. It was a good relaxing few days with them. It was unfortunate that their trip was not very long, since Kristy and I went to Ames for some football a day before they had to leave.

Tomorrow Iowa State travels to beautiful Lubbock, TX to take on Texas Tech. Before the season started, Texas Tech looked like a winnable road game. Then Texas Tech won at Oklahoma last week. With a new quarterback starting for the Cyclones, its hard to tell what is going to happen. Last year ISU beat Texas Tech 52-38 in a wild game in Ames that included an onside kick that ISU returned for a touchdown. The second time that happened to Texas Tech last year. Vegas has Texas Tech somewhere near a two touchdown favorite. My guess is that is pretty accurate and Tech wins easily.

My Prediction: (4-2 This Season)


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