Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday October 20, 2011 - The View From Section EE

Last week ISU's game at Missouri was a disaster. I believe Iowa State either forgot to get on the bus to Columbia or just gave up. Halfway through the season and they sit at 3 wins and 3 losses. Most did not think 3 wins were possible and now they are 3 wins away from a bowl game. With 6 games to go, 3 more wins are looking like a huge obstacle the way they are playing.

If this blog seems a little disorganized, its because I am writing on my phone. I do have to say, the mobile blogspot is a lot better than a year ago.

We are currently sitting at my parents because my brother Paddy and my sister Teresa and her husband Juan Luis flew in from Seattle. Last night we moved the basement couch so we could make some room for a bed. What do we find that is pictured below, some blonde locks of hair. Today when we got to my parents I asked Brianna about it. She immediately asked "how did you find that?" Turns out, she cut her hair on purpose because I would not let her play on the computer or watch her shows on TV.

We also just got back from Bri's first parent/teacher conference. We had to reaffirm with her teacher that we are talking about the same girl. They said how good she is and how she is the girl who likes to answer questions in class. She even told her teacher how she was going to make it a point to talk to Bo in school. The teachers said he is the really shy kid in class and it was really nice that Bri was going to make it a point to talk to him. Makes us proud, but I still think they had the notes of another girl.

The second picture is one of Emily at the airport. She game a warm Omaha welcome to everyone on 3 different planes as exited their plane and walked through the terminal. She had a lot of people wave and smile!

This Saturday is Homecoming in Ames and Texas A&M comes into town. My gut feeling says it will be a lot smaller crowd than the three almost sellouts the first 3 games, and that will reflect on the score too. The Cyclone Defense has disappeared and the Offense, well, is this same offense that has looked awful for 3 straight games. There could be an upset special brewing for the Cyclones, but I don't see it this Saturday.

Texas A&M: 42

Iowa State: 17

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