Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday October 13, 2011 - The View From Section EE

I take no comfort in having a pretty close score in last weeks Iowa State at Baylor game. ISU kept it close early, but a horrible fumble call, reversed for Baylor was the game changer and the game was over at that point in the second quarter.

This week has been pretty uneventful. It is getting comical watching Bri in the bus line. She definitely has no issues sticking up for herself. Today she was third in line. Then as the other girls lined up, she left the line for some reason and the next girl in line took her spot. She did not like that! She basically forced her way back to her spot. When I talked to her about it, she believes that once you leave your spot in line, it cant be taken away. I told her she shouldn't have left or she should place her backpack in her spot. She doesn't like those rules.

Em has taken up hitting as a hobby recently. Both Kristy and I, and I imagine her Grandpa too, have been the victims of this. Oh yeah, cant forget Reagan, more on him later. Today we were getting her ready to leave and she loses her patience after her first shoe is put on. After she rolls over, we turn her back around, and she hits us. This will be interesting to see how long this trend will go.

Now back to Reagan. He continues to eat socks. On Monday I found a pair of Emily's socks. They were still rolled up! He has made our house a disaster. It took him a couple days to clear whatever else he had in his system, but he is very fortunate he was not kicked to the curb.

My Prediction (Season: 3-2):

Something has to give. Both Iowa State and Missouri are 0-2 in Big 12 play. If ISU is going to get the three more needed wins to qualify for a bowl game, this one seems to be a road win they must have, along with the one at Texas Tech. If the last two years trend is going to continue with a solid road win, this may be the last chance. (Missouri's record does not show it, but I believe they are a better team than Texas Tech.) I say something gives, and ISU finally plays a near complete game, minus the kicking game, and pulls off the win and reclaims the Telephone Trophy for quite possibly the last time.


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