Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday October 5, 2011 - The View From Section EE

Thankfully, last weekends game is over. Leave it up to Iowa State to come into a big game, undefeated at home, on national television, and lay an egg as bad as they did. First half turnovers and unexcused penalties did them in against a slightly above average Texas team. Nothing is more frustrating then seeing ISU players taunting and yelling after a play. That has been a common theme the past three years, especially for the Defensive Backs. Football is suppose to be a team game with a lot of discipline. The prime example was at the beginning of the second quarter. ISU was already down 13-0 but had a huge stop to force a Texas punt. Instead of getting off the ground and running back to the sideline, Leonard Johnson decides to headbutt the Texas receiver. Subsequently, Johnson is pulled and on the very next play, his replacement was burned for a 50 some yard touchdown pass. That was the ball game right there. The first three games they flirted with disaster with penalties and turnovers, but now that conference play has begun, they will not win another game again if they continue to walk that tight rope all year.

Its a good thing ISU football fans have adapted to this tailgating thing that happens before, during, and after Cyclone football games. There is no better way to get over a football game then good food and cold beverages! This weekend was Family Weekend and the Lil' Cyclone Members could go onto the field before the game, so I decided to take Bri. Kristy's sister, Morgan also went to the game, but did not go on the field with us. To my surprise, they were really good. That probably had to do with the game being so bad we left early. While tailgating, Bri got to take another picture with Cy! She continues to be over her fear of mascots. Here is the picture of Bri and Morgan with Cy while the adults were at the Lottery tent.

The first two games of the year it took us forever to get into the Stadium. Those crowds were just as large, so we decided to leave a little earlier to get lined up. We walked in with absolutely no issue and were were about 50 minutes early. So after that lengthy wait, Bri and I walked onto the field. Here is a picture of Bri and I on the midfield log and the view of the massive video board.

Here is a picture of Bri and Morgan as they wait, very patiently, as we sat before they would let us onto the field.

And finally, one of the big highlights for Brianna, a dog that walked by our tailgate. A huge Saint Bernard walked by that was available for adoption. He was a very good looking dog. The conversation the ensued after this was about the difference between adopting and buying. Bri kept associating how you can adopt toys from a store and buy a dog. I still have a headache from trying to explain that.

My Prediction: (2-2 This Season)

Whatever happened to the Baylor Bears of the past where it was a shoe-in for win every year? This is not quite the case anymore, especially with one of the best quarterbacks in college football this year, Robert Griffin III. Baylor was also undefeated until they lost at Kansas State last week. I am sure they are looking for a huge win, and with a banged up Iowa State team coming to Waco, it very well could happen. In each of the last two years, ISU has had a huge road win, at Texas in 2010 and at Nebraska in 2009. Between Baylor, Missouri, and Oklahoma, the three biggest conference road games this season, I find it hard to believe this is the one they win. I say Baylor wins this one easy by going ahead early and ISU scores some late garbage points. I would not put it past Paul Rhoads to get this team ready to play and ISU pulls off a shocker, but I am not going to predict it.


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