Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday November 2, 2011 - The View From Section EE

So last Saturday I was sitting in the basement with Bri and Emma and a couple boxer dogs preparing for what I thought was going to be another ugly Iowa State football game. Turns out, me and a ton of other people were completely wrong. Iowa State completely dominated a ranked Texas Tech team that won at Oklahoma the previous week. The Oklahoma that is considered one of the best in the country. This goes to prove what we at our tailgate have been talking about all year. When the offense is not turning the ball over so much, the defense is on the sidelines resting and preparing for the next drive, rather than running back on the field. Its a team game, and when both sides of the ball are working together, good things can happen.

With our different work schedules, this year both Kristy and I had to work on Halloween. Thankfully, Trick or Treating in Harlan was on Sunday, a day we were both off, so we took the girls, and Paige to Harlan for the night. It was a lot of fun minus a little cold. Emma was dressed as a cow in a warm costume. Bri was a Fairy, in a not so good costume. She has since decided she would like to be a dog next year in a warm costume like Emilys. Here are a couple pictures of them our and about. We took Paige, because Reagan is a jerk around others, if not everyone. Paige was funny because she was shaking scared as we walked into my parents house and she even more frightened when she saw a Frankenstein walking toward her. She definitely is lacking in the guard dog department.

Bri really enjoyed it this year. She was pretty helpful with Emily too. She would help her up some steps and even ask for a piece of candy for her when Emma was left behind. But things can change quickly. Our arrangement was going to be she was going to pass out candy in Omaha since we both had to work and my Dad was going to be watching them. Once she saw her friends going out, she had a meltdown. Since things tend to go in her favor, her friends' mothers said they would take her around our neighborhood. About an hour and a half later, she is back with her Hello Kitty bag pictured above almost completely full. She will be on a sugar high for a very long time.

Beginning last Friday, we have a new member to our family for a while, Paige, Tim and Brooke's boxer dog. Brooke is in the process of going through a bone marrow transplant, so we will be looking after Paige for the time being. So far, her and Reagan have behaved very well. The initial excitement wore off in roughly 30 minutes. Now they are content with sleeping on separate couches in between short bouts of fighting over a bone or being picked on by two kids. All of our thoughts and prayers are headed Brooke's way as she begins her bone marrow treatment this evening.

Here is a picture of Paige and Reagan I submitted to Iowa State to hopefully be featured on Cy's Pets of the Week on the video board at Jack Trice Stadium this weekend. It took a some Pupperroni treats and a few smacks to the face, yes that's you Paige, but it worked. Kristy thinks Reagan looks tough in the too tight jersey, but I think he looks like he needs a few less scoops of food a day. Anyway, these two have to be chosen for this Saturday. I guess we will wait and see.

My Prediction: (4-4 on the season)

This week, on paper, looks like it should be a gimme for ISU, but Cyclone fans only need to look a few hours east to realize there are no gimmes in college sports. See Minnesota's win over Iowa last weekend. Kansas will be coming in to Ames looking really bad. They have arguably the worst defense in FBS football and last week the offense only notched three first downs and less than 50 yards of total offense. Stats like that will not go very far for the Jayhawks. I think ISU runs away with this one and wins by more than 20 points.


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