Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday November 17, 2011 - The View From Section EE

Two weeks ago ISU played a bad Kansas team. ISU let Kansas look pretty good, especially running the ball. Luckily, Kansas made just enough mistakes late in the game, including an odd punt call by the Kansas coach down late in the game. A win is a win, and we will take it.

The past two weeks went pretty fast, but not a whole lot happened. Since we have Paige with us for a while now, we tend to barricade the dogs in the basement with us so they do not get into things throughout the house. Both dog kennels are set up side by side and Bri and Emma have been playing "dogs". It works perfect for me. They are quiet and surprisingly do not fight. So Reagan has been going into his kennel just to hang out. His door is left open and he just walks in and lays down. While doing this, Emily decides to crawl in with him. I had to remove both Bri and Emma out of the kennel over the weekend because I did not know if Reagan would freak out and start kicking and scratching his way out. He just laid there and let Emma sit with him. Here is the picture.

My Prediction: (5-4 on the season)

Tomorrows game could be an interesting. The second ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys come into Ames for a Friday night game on national television. This OSU team has been destroying everyone. There are about eight million stars that have to align for this upset to happen. The ISU offense is set to be a fast pace offence that runs a lot of plays and runs them very quickly. In order for ISU to even compete in this game, they have to take care of the ball, and continue to get first downs and keep offensive drives alive. Even if they do not score, they need to get to mid field, and if forced to punt, punt it deep into OSU territory and make them have to use the whole field to score. On the defensive side of the ball they need to keep the key wide receivers in front of them and hold OSU to field goals. They will score, there is no doubt about it, but if they hold them to field goals or make them gamble on fourth down conversions, then there could be a chance. Vegas has this game pegged as a four touchdown blow out in the Cowboy favor. It very well could happen. ISU has nothing to lose, so why not throw out every trick, unconventional play possible to shock a Cowboy team looking at a potential National Championship.

I will say that Vegas knows what they are talking about with these spreads, but I think ISU covers. I still think they will lose, but I think they hang early but OSU pulls away late and wins by 17.


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