Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday October 13, 2010 - The View From Section EE

This part will be short, last weeks ISU game against Utah was only good for the first quarter. It turned really hairy in a hurry. Most people left at halftime and I had enough at the start of the fourth quarter. The quote of the night would be Kristy's Uncle Randy. With one minute and thirty seconds left in the first half, ISU had the ball. He said "In this short amount of time, ISU will punt the ball and Utah will score." Sure enough, ISU punted in three plays and Utah ran it all the way to the goal line with one second left. The field goal was a piece of cake.

This Utah team is good, probably better than any other team I have seen in person, thats not a ton of games either. My hope is they run the table and make a BCS Bowl Game and if God is against me, Nebraska will also make a BCS Bowl. Then the Husker fans will be all delusional about being in a BCS game and Utah rips right through them. They looked that good to me.

Ok, enough football. We took Emily in for her four month check up. Brianna was so excited, just so she could watch her get all her shots. This child will be something else. She already lives to see her little sister in pain. When Bri is 15 and Emily is 11, things will be very interested in our household.

Emily did good with her shots. She became crabby, but nothing new. Kind of kidding, she tends to be crabby around me. That could just be me. I am seriously looking into getting her a crab costume for Halloween. Or I could dress her as a Deadliest Catch crab boat.

Now back to Emily's check up day. It was also the day the Doctor said we could go ahead and try some cereal. She absolutely loves the stuff. After the first few bites falling out of her mouth, she has learned to eat that stuff up in a hurry. Below are a couple pictures. One is Brianna actually being a good sister and not laughing at her pain.
As for the monster known as Bri, she's still driving me crazy. She is pretty funny at school. We picked her up today and as she got up and walked to the door, she is waving and telling a bunch of the kids good bye, and they are waving at her. I have no idea where she gets her personality. She wont tell us much about what goes on at school, but we found a way for her to tell us. We play school with her and make her be the teacher. Now we know a little bit of what she is doing three days a week.

Now back to some football, Iowa State goes to Oklahoma. Vegas has ISU pegged as 24 point underdogs. Oklahoma has lost against the spread in every game this year when they were the big favorite. There is no way I can predict an ISU win, but I think they can cover the spread. I just wish Oklahoma would actually put the 24 points on the ISU scoreboard as they kick off.

The Prediction:


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