Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday October 7, 2010 - The View From Section EE

So last week's game was nothing like most of the fans inside the stadium expected. The Iowa State offense finally decided to show up five weeks after the season started. I have no complaints being off on last weeks prediction. Since its so hard to believe an Iowa State team can score 52 points in one game, not just a season, here is the scoreboard.

This week we decided to tailgate a little different, we brought the kids along. Once again the weather decides to be a pain in our butts. It was dry and sunny, but windy and cold, but a million times better than last week. We are having the worst of luck at games so far this year. Anyway, one of the game day experiences ISU has set up is a play area next to the stadium. It is made up of bounce houses, face painting, and mini golf. Bri loved this area, as she always does at any bounce house. The following picture may paint a bad picture for the future. She is inside one of the bounce houses but it looks like she is in jail. Her attitude lately, this could be sing of things to come.

We were able to get a decent family picture while tailgating. Too bad Brianna decides to have a mean scowl on her face. Once again, it is a fitting picture for her, so it makes sense.

We signed Brianna up for the Lil Cyclone Club this year we had an opportunity to go down on the field before the game as the team enters the field. The rules simply state the Lil Cyclone Club member and ONE parent. Not too many parents followed those rules. While waiting in line to get to the field, parents were complaining to an Officer working the gate to the field because they wanted to go stand on the field. The parents could not understand that there was a certain time when we were all allowed to go on the field. Once again, when these kids become delinquents in their teens, all can all blame their parents. Surprisingly, Brianna did really well on the field (except for seeing Cy) and during the game. Here is a picture of us standing on the field.

As for this weeks game, a top 10 ranked Utah game. A week ago, I thought ISU would be slaughtered by Texas Tech and even Utah this week. Utah has not played any schools yet this year that are any good, so I think they may be a chance. If the offense shows up like it did last week, I can see them pulling off the win. Therefore, I am going to go out on the limb and predict the upset. ISU is due to beat a Top 10 team.

My prediction:



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