Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday October 21, 2010 - The View From Section EE

When we looked at the ISU football schedule, this three week stretch had the makings of some ugly games. The weekend in Norman proved to be that.

This week has been a fun week to forget about blow out football games. My sister Teresa and her husband Juan Luis came to Omaha for a little vacation, if you can call Omaha a vacation destination. Kristy decided to start the vacation by not feeling well, so after a day of recovering, we took them out for a fun time in Omaha. After a trip to the Old Market, we went to the casino. This is where it gets good. Kristy is the last person in line at Security. They refused her entry, not because she had a few beverages before hand, but her license was 5 months expired! We, or I, was hoping she would have to retest and even take the driving test at the DMV! It was her lucky day and after a 45 minute wait, no test and she can finally drive again. Thankfully, Council Bluffs has three casinos and another one allowed us entry without checking her ID.

Its been a fun week so far and Brianna got a new pair of pink cowboy boots from her aunt and uncle. She absolutely loves them. Its going to be a difficult time to get thos off her!

Now its prohection time:

This weekend ISU gets the opportunity to visit Austin, TX. Texas won a big game at Nebraska (It was an awesome win to quiet those damn Husker fans down). The spread is close to 30 and after last week, I can see it reaching that or worse.

Texas: 42

Iowa State: 7

Note: Pictures will be added next week. I have no idea how to add pictures while writing this on my phone.

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  1. Glad your prediction failed to materialize . . . what a game. :)