Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday 09/07/2010 - The View From Section EE

Last weeks anniversary went well. I made it to Ames a good four hours before kick off and right across the street front he stadium. We were able to break in the new RV nicely with a cold bottle of champagne and a good Cyclone win. I was pretty close on my prediction last week, 27-17 ISU. ISU beat Northern Illinois 27-10, but it happened a lot different that I anticipated. I thought the game would be close early, but ISU would pull it off late. Almost the exact opposite happened. ISU started out really well, but made a few bad mistakes. At least all of us in the South End Zone thought they should have scored close to 35 points.

I did not bring our camera to the game, so I did not get very good pictures of the game. The one of the score and the picture below were the only ones that looked decent. I will try to get some pictures from Kristy's uncle that look a lot better. I believe this is one of the final plays of the game, right before we needed to make the much needed run back to the RV.

This weeks game may be ugly. After watching the ISU play a good first half, that gave a little bit of hope for the game in Iowa City. I have this feeling that they could stun the country and pull off the win on the road. Its a similar feeling to the NCAA Basketball Tournament when UNI beat Kansas. I thought they could win, but there was no way I could either bet on it or predict it. This goes with the game Saturday. If does not turn the ball over, but forces Iowa to a couple turnovers, then they have a shot. If they win, it could be in the score of 17-14 type of ball game. But that is the cardinal and gold colored classes, so my true prediction is:



Lets hope my first, non-official, prediction comes true. Go Cyclones!!!

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