Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday September 23, 2010 - The View From Section EE

As painful as it was, we made a trip to Cedar Falls last weekend. It was quite a coincidence that UNI had a home game. This is where part one of the painful trip began. Part two was Sunday morning. We had a wedding for an old college friend to attend, so as people were out freezing in the cold and rain tailgating, we stayed inside to go to the wedding. On a side note, if we did not have a wedding, we would have most likely planned a group outing to go to the game at UNI. The last 4 years I have planned a trip to UNI for a game. The first two years were in November. It was ridiculously cold, so last year we planned on the first weekend in October. Once again, cold and rainy. So the last four trips to UNI have been eventful, but awful weather.

Back to the trip, we were thankful that Kristy's aunt and uncle now live in Cedar Falls. They let us drop the kids off to play with their four boys and Shawn and Alyssa watched the girls for us. Bri had a great time. Sounds like she played all day and even the next morning very well with her cousins. Below is a picture of her and her new friend Gabe. All Sunday morning he was trying to talk me into going to another wedding that night. Then when we were outside getting ready to leave, he was crying and was sad. It was pretty cute. We will have to get up there more often just so they can play for hours and out of our hair.

So last Saturday did not turn out anyway that I predicted. The Iowa State offense if looking pretty sick, therefore making it tough to pick them to win may games. This weeks game brings a dilema for us. We grew up Iowa State fans, but am still in debt to UNI, and probably will be for years! So, I am sure I will have on some colors for both teams this Saturday.

My gut feeling after the ISU loss to Kansas State was that UNI will win this game, somewhere around 24-21. Then UNI goes out and loses at home and turned the ball over close to the end zone a couple of times. That has changed my prediction. I think it will be close early, but I think ISU's offense will show some life, hopefully with the second string in at quarteback, and they will pull away late in the game.

My prediction:



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