Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Spetmeber 16, 2010 - The View From Section EE

The only thing I took from last Saturday's game against Iowa was I predicted Iowa's points! Wow, that was ugly and pathetic. The only saving grace is there is 10 more games to go.

As for the past week, the four year old is back to her monster self and the baby does not want to sleep more than two hours at a time for me since Kristy has gone back to work. Its been a little rough lately.

Here is a picture of what Ian has been dealing with:

Our sleeping routine has been awesome. Get home at 11:30 PM. She wakes up around 1:00 AM. Eats, sleeps until 3:00 PM. Eats, then sleeps until 5:00 AM. East, then sleeps to 8:00 AM or so. Except for the morning she woke up at 5:30 AM and stayed up until 7:30 AM. Good times, good times. This has to end soon.

And here is a little picture of the older monster climbing a rock wall. I was not there, and I don't believe she made it.

And one last picture, one of Emily in her UNI shirt. Kind of a bugged eyed smile, but we will take it. At least she wasn't mad at me for a while!

And since there is a football game Saturday, I will try to throw out another prediction. This is a must win game for ISU down in Kansas City against Kansas State. Last years game resulted in a loss because of a missed extra point. This year, I do not see the game coming down to an extra point. Both team have good running games, but I think Iowa State pulls it out.

My prediction is:


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