Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday August 31, 2010

August is coming to a close, and that means a couple things. School has started and football season is almost here. Brianna stared her second year of pre-school last week. She walked into the room just like it was a regular day last year. She has a couple friends from last year, so I think that helps her get adjusted. So far those are the only names she knows, but it wont be long before she can name everyone in the class.

Bri also started gymnastics today. This may be interesting. So far, she loves it more than soccer and tee-ball. While observing her today, I have determined what kind of student Brianna is and will be in school:
The type who will raise their hand and answer everything, whether it is right or wrong. Today, she got lucky. The question at hand was, "Does anyone know how to do the bear walk?". Bri was the only one to raise her hand, as high as she could, while saying "I do!". The gymnastics teacher picks Bri to answer and she responds "I know the bear walk because I have seen bears before." I kind of laugh, thinking she still has no clue what this teacher is talking about. The teachers then asks her to demonstrate it. Without hesitation, she drops down and walks with her hand and her feet, imitating the bear walk. She was correct. I have no idea when she would have heard the bear walk before, but she got this one right. This may be interesting to see how this trait progresses.

Bri is also getting fairly good at drawing. A couple weeks ago, all the girls came out to eat supper while I was at work. Bri brought me a drawing that I had to put in my office. I will post it below. She didn't even get any help from Kristy when she drew the yellow sun, green grass, and the blue sky. This artistic stuff may also make for interesting stories in the future. Its a picture of us walking and holding hands on a sunny day. She drew Kristy a picture of her on a cloudy rainy day. We will let the psychologist make the judgment on that one.

As for Emily, she still does the same thing. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, make dirty diapers, etc. She is getting better though, she went through a spell where she did not like me one bit. I get her for a few minutes and it would be instant crying. I give her back to Kristy, she is happy. Its early, so I don't worry too much about it. It wont be long before she is drawing pictures of Kristy on a cloudy and rainy day, even though I bet this kid will be just like Reagan, a mommy's girl.

This Thursday we will be celebrating our five year wedding anniversary. By celebrating, I mean I will be going to Ames for some Cyclone football!! The Thursday night game did not do us any favors. Bri has school Friday mornings so someone had to stay to take her to school. I don't think we fairly drew straws, but Kristy took the bullet and will stay home on our anniversary. Five years ago we embarked on this life long journey. A month into it we decided to get a dog, to help ease the pain of living in a new place and home. Then a few short months later we gained a kid, with monster like tendencies. Its been such a good ride, we added another monster. I am full aware that I am doomed and out numbered in any battle/vote for a good 19 years, but if its anything like the first five years, they will all be worth it.

Now on to the final note, we, or I this week, will begin our journey to Ames for the View From Section EE. After each game, I will try to update this thing with pictures and stories from the game.

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