Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday November 5, 2010 - The View From Section EE

Still computer issues, so no pictures. But I do have a four year old for sale. All I ask is a good cup of coffee. The dark roast is preferred, but I will take a decaf that tastes like water. She is to the point it takes us 30 times to tell her to stop doing things. Then when she gets sent to time out, she laughs at us. Even if we take things away, she still acts like everything is fine and she will get what she wants anyway. Its definitely a whole new level of frustration.

As for Emily, she is finally sleeping longer, even for me. Too bad I am not home until midnight and when she wakes up at 5:00 AM I am still tired, but something we will deal with. She is not rolling over from her back to her stomach. She will do this immediately if she is placed on her back. I can see it now, she will have a fun tumble off her changing table one of these days, and I am sure it will be under my watch.

Last week was Trick-or-Treating, and we were able to go back to Baxter so Brianna could go around town there. She was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She looked pretty cute, but once again, pictures are not available. Emily was the Cowardly Lion. She looked cute as well, but no pictures to prove it. Brianna made out well with her candy, and even a second night of Trick-or Treating in Omaha.

Now last weeks game was a good win, but not a blowout I thought could happen. This week is one of the weeks we have been waiting for all year. A year ago, ISU pulled off the miracle courtesy of 8 turnovers, and I have been living that up ever since. Its even better now that ISU beat Texas. Now when all these Husker fans ask how bad ISU will lose I just ask them how many touchdowns have they scored against Texas the past two years? The answer is 0, and two losses.

My gut feeing is they can win. I have said that since last year. I think the defense will force a few turnovers, but the offense will keep the ball long enough and put a few scores on the board. But, realistically I don't think ISU can win. So far they have played 3 top 10 teams in the country, and they have been destroyed by them all.

My prediction:
I have to stay with my guy feeling. It will be a close one, and yes, turnovers will be what wins the game for ISU.

Iowa State 17

Nebraska 10

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