Friday, November 12, 2010

Saturday November 13, 2012 - The View From Section EE

This will be short.

1. I'm still not over the Nebraska game. It was so close, and they made the right call. The only problem was the pass was awful. Franklin was wide open and if the pass was thrown anywhere but 5 yards short, he would have caught it. Franklin will make a lot of money playing on Sundays.

2. Our computer has been saved! Thankfully it was just a hard drive and I was able to save all our pictures. The lesson learned: back your crap up!

3. Since the computer is back I was going to post some pictures. I get home and our neighborhood is out of power. Long story short, I realized I had a key to the house on my key ring that I completely forgot about. This lesson learned: Reagan is a good watch dog. If I broke in he may have killed me. Therefore, this is done on the last minute on my phone, again.

This weeks ISU game looks like it should be a guarantee win. There is no such thing for ISU football on the road. I honestly thought they could be Nebraska and the same goes for a road game at Colorado.

My prediction:
Iowa State: 31
Colorado: 17

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