Monday, June 7, 2010

Tuesday June 7, 2010

A couple months ago Omaha became a stop for Iowa State's Cyclone Tailgate Tour. We had been talking about going to this since that first day. We told Bri that Cy would be there and she was very excited. She is terrified of mascots, but every event we go to a sporting event, she looks for them and waves at them, albeit 20 rows away. Just last week we met Tim and Brooke at a Royals game. The only entrance at the stadium was filled with mascots. It was the Royals' mascot Casey's birthday, so every mascot in the area was there. She freaked out, but once we sat in the last row, all she did was look for them and wave at them.

Now fast forward to tonight, Bri still had planned on giving Cy a high five and take a picture with him. She wanted to get the picture framed so it can go next to her bed. Well, once Cy made his appearance, she freaked out and wanted nothing to do with him. We rotated from one end of the function to the other, always away from Cy. When it was over I told her this was the last chance to see Cy. She agreed and decided to go get a picture. Well, she was too late, he was gone and probably headed toward the nearest bar. She said that was "OK because I can see him at a football game". Only time will tell on that one.

Here is a picture of Bri and the closest she was to Cy. Notice how Cy is in the far top right corner of the picture. The next two pictures are the only pictures Bri got with any of the coaches, Coaches Hoiberg and Rhoads. Every time we got close to another coach, Cy would be near and she would freak out.

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  1. A picture with Coach Hoiberg is better than one with Cy anyway!!!