Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday June 11, 2010

For today's installment I will discuss Brianna and her tee ball adventures. This is the second class she has taken, the first being soccer. The classes are set up with about 10 kids and one teacher/coach. They meet twice a week for a month. The classes consist of the teacher/coach giving the kids instruction and they have to follow the rules. Simple enough, right?

Well this tee ball is basically mass chaos. Some of the kids are younger than Bri and they have no concept of listening and following the rules. We are proud to report, that surprisingly, Brianna listens very well and follows the rules. Now if we can get her to do this at home. The kid who is teaching/coaching the kids does a great job, but I can sense the frustration. There is not enough money in the world for this guy. I am sure his minimum wage barely makes it to the bar after these classes.

The teacher/coach does a great job, but its too bad the parents lack in that category. When you see your kid playing Ring around in the Rosey in the outfield, its probably in your kids best interest if you tell them to stop and pay attention to the teacher/coach. When you show up to a baseball/softball class, its probably in your kids best interest to have a glove. When you see your kid take off to the other side of the gym, its in your kids best interest to stop and listen to what is going on. The list could go on, but I will stop for now because of this next intriguing story.

Just last week the teacher/coach was showing them how to throw a ball into a net with wiffle balls. Simple task. One of the mothers, who I am going to judge by calling her a "West O, Over Protective, Over Reactive, Mom". Her kid walks toward her and she put her finger in one of the holes of the wiffle ball. At this point, I thought this mom was going to call in the National Guard to deal with the catastrophe. The mom cant get the ball off her finger. Another mom is saying "you will have to get the hand soaked in ice cold water". Then the mom takes hand sanitizer and chap stick to use as lubricant to get the finger out. Meanwhile, the kid now freaks out and is crying hysterically. My dad happened to be with me since he was watching Bri that day, and I said to him, "just pull the wiffle ball off the finger!" I could not believe the drama of a wiffle ball stuck to a finger.

And now for a few pictures, Brianna and her tee ball class.

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