Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday July 20, 2009

Wow, its really been a long time. I forgot I even started this thing. So lets turn back the clock and see whats happened.
1. Brianna turned 3!! That's crazy. It was over 3 and a half years ago this surprise sprung on us. She has really been pretty good lately. I thought the terrible two's would run into the terrible teenage years. I took her to Dairy Queen to pick out her birthday cake. I should have only given her two choices of a design, but instead I showed her the book. She first picked out Cinderella. Then she really wanted Hello Kitty. Once the worker got the Hello Kitty design, she wants Shrek. Then she wanted Hello Kitty again but then she settled for Shrek. Wow, that was almost as exhausting to write as it was to pick out. We threw a little party for her. We had the swimming pool and small pool for under the slide. She really enjoyed it.
2. We went to Okoboji for a week. I found out a few years ago what its like to be the "Black Sheep" of the family. I wont go into details, but it resulted in e msleeping in the bathroom. Lately it has been common for the first night to be the most "productive" night of the week. I decided to take one for the team and put the kid to bed. Kristy continued the fun fest and somehow convinced her cousin Jeff and Uncle Randy to go to the bar. It all started when she brought her own beer into the bar. I guess the bartender didn't like that, mostly because she insisted she got the beer from the bar. Then as usual, she lost her balance. As she laid on the ground the bartender had enough and told her to leave. I almost wish I was there to witness this great sight. So Jeff and Randy had to practically carry her out of the bar and back to the resort. On the way back she fell and drug both of them to the ground, in the middle of the road. To sum this great tale up, she didn't feel so good the next day.

3. Baxter Fun Days. It all started out late Friday night. I was unfortunate enough to have had to work Friday night, so I missed the first night of fun. Katie and I left Omaha around 11:30 pm and a couple hours later the fun began.

I rode in Katie's car so I did not have any transportation. When I got to John and Peg's I was offered a vehicle to take to Baxter. Above is the Shitation. Other known as a 19-something, assumed to be late 70's early 80's Chevrolet Citation. The picture above does not do the proper justice to this car. This thing is more of a dirty brown with a rust coloration. I was grateful for the ride so how can I refuse this ride. I get in and I immediately scheduled a tetanus shot. Then the smell kicked in. There are no words to describe this odor. So I continue. After I left the roadway I nearly stopped to check and see where the muffler went. I later found out, its still attached. Now to some positives, it drove well. The cruise control worked and the radio worked. Not bad, but it was stuck on AM radio. After 15 minutes, I made it with no problem. The excitement was when I turned onto Main Street after 2:30 AM. This place is a ghost town, so I gun the Shitation and attempted to wake everyone up. Those results are not yet in if it worked.

Now we fast forward to Saturday night. It was a little too early to go to the festivities that are had at Baxter Fun Days. We thought a joy ride in the Shitation should be an order. We turn down one of the city streets and we are heading straight toward a T-intersection and Kristy's aunt and uncle's house. He Uncle Bruce is standing outside by the curb on his phone. We floor it and drive straight at him. The look on his eyes were priceless. I thought he would going to have to change his shorts. So we continued this fun just to be able to say we received a citation in the Shitation. It didn't happen and the Shitation is now safe and sound back on the far.

All in all its been a good summer. Its definitely going way too fast. Before we know it Bri will be heading off to Pre-School. She is really excited for it, lets just hope she plays nice and wont be the class bully.

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  1. LOL!! The Okoboji story cracks me up! I would love to have been there:)