Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8, 2009

Another couple weeks have gone by and I am finally sitting down thinking of something to write. The biggest task in our latest adventure in Omaha is an addition to our deck. Here is what our deck looked like.
This was not a very practical deck. We just bought some patio furniture and it didn't fit, so why not add on. After a few trips back to Baxter, I was able to recruit some assistance. Kristy's uncles Bruce and Randy and her Dad volunteered to help. I have never built anything, so I was thinking I may be way over my head on this project. I looked at a couple of decks Randy just built and I got a feel of what to do.

I went to Menard's a week prior to get get a quote. I put everything into their computer and the quote they gave me was over $1,100. I even talked to a worker and he gave me the same price. I, of course left, thinking this project may be over before it starts. I then used the non-existent construction skills to draw up some plans. I went into Home Depot and told them what I wanted. To make a long story short, Menard's was way off. We were able to finish the deck under half of what Menard's quoted me. When Bruce and I started digging the holes for the post, I thought this would take a couple days. When sundown hit the first day, we had it all done by the step. Here is the finished produce
I thought I would add a couple more pictures from the past few weeks. Since our bowling league is over, a top 10 finish out of 40, there is a large void in our Sundays. We took Brianna bowling for her first time. She didn't do too bad, she beat Kristy on her first game!!!
The bumpers help of course, but she looked pretty funny rolling the ball down the lane. On her second time rolling it down the lane, she found out the oil is pretty slippery. In the end, Bri and Kaitlin had a pretty good time. After about the fourth frame, they began running around the alley and lost interest. They are getting close to turning 3, so four frames or interest is good for me.


  1. The deck looks great! Lots of room for eating, drinking, and BBQ-ing -- fun!!

  2. I thought it was high time you got a blogging award so it's on my site if you want it!!! :)