Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday May 20, 2009

Wow, its been almost a month. I guess time flies when your having fun. There have been a couple things I have learned in this near month long absence, I am getting old and my kid loves Journey.

During the past couple weeks we have made two trips back to Baxter for Alyssa and Shawn's, graduation parties and ceromony. So there has been some drive time with a sleepy and cranky toddler in the back. So for some background here, Kristy's mom would always talk about them listening to the Carpenters when Kristy was little. Funny, cute little story. But the apple doesnt fall too fall from the tree. On a binge spending night at Wal-Mart, Kristy bought a new 3 dics CD collection of Journey with their new Asian singer. That CD has been played a ton and now the toddler just loves Journey. We will definately have to get a video made one of these days. Her current favorites are "the girl and boy song", Don't Stop Believing, (you should know the lyrics and what she is talking about, if not, iTunes it) and "anyway you want it thats they way you need it song" (Anyway You Want It).

The second part is that I am old. The first weekend we went back, we set up for the party the night before. There were a number of frosty cold ones getting ready for the festivities and we decided to get started. Morning came way too early. Then of course on the night of the party, those same frosty cold ones, mostly bought on the second and third store runs, were consumed again. Even an appearance by the Katie and Jeremy were had, but not easily remembered.

Then came Sunday. It was bowling night and the kid was at the grandparents with Kristy at work. Enough said. It was a rough Monday morning. So then Tuesday rolls around. It was my lovely bride's 20-someting birthday. Guess what my plans were? A concert at the Qwest with three other guys. Guess where my not-so-happy bride was? At home watching my kid and one of the other guys' kid. All in all it was a good time, but I am really suprised I am not living out of my car waiting for approval on a new apartment.

Dont stop yet, the hits keep on coming. We go back to Baxter the following Saturday, the day before the actual graduation ceromony. Why not have a few more while grilling out. Lets go to the bar, theres a band playing. I succomb to peer pressure like no other, thanks Liz, and another Baxter night closing the bar. There is really no other way to do things in that town.

So all in all, in 9 days, I acted like I was in college for 5 of those days. To make matters worse, on the Monday after all this fun, I buy tickets to Vegas for this August.

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