Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday September 9, 2009

I guess I have been neglecting the select few that even read this thing. My phone has been non-stop with messages about the next update. OK, so that's a lie, but here goes another addition.

I guess not a whole lot has happened since the last installment. I will start off on a big life lesson for all married guys; don't go to Vegas without the wife, unless you are looking at getting your own place and losing half your stuff. I think I will leave it at that.

The little monster has turned into a monster, again. She has decided to continue this whining business and completely disregard anything her parents say. I have looked at her in the eyes and told her not to do something about 100 times and she just looks up and does what shes not suppose to do. To make matters worse, spankings have no effect on her. We will tell her no and spank her butt, then she will look at us and laugh. We spank her again, and she continues to laugh. I don't think I can hit her any harder without child services knocking on our door. I really think she's bipolar or something. As you will below, she was playing with Evan and Drew, Katie's little ones. She was talking to baby Drew and then you can tell from there the confirmation of her condition. The more kiddie narcotics she can be on, the happier her parents will be.

Now that he has new found attitude, she has started preschool. Now I have this fear she is going to act like she does for us at preschool. These poor kids in her class. They have no idea what they are in for. I can see her now, bossing the crap out of these 3 year old kids. So far the teachers say she is really good, I find that hard to believe, but we will take it. I arrived early one day and was watching the kids line of to come inside from recces. I couldn't hear, but it looked like she was yelling at some boy to get into line. I guess it all starts at a young age.

Here is little monster Bri and her first day.So I will end with the start of fall. Football season is upon us and its hard a OK start so far. One, its tough living in Nebraska. Even though Nebraska played some crappy team, its still front page news. We could have a serious even taking place in Omaha, but the opening news story is the Huskers and the scroll that runs throughout the whole newscast are the game statistics. Its very rough, but we can only hope for the best, many Husker loses.

Secondly on the sports scene, its been 4 days since the UNI/Iowa game and I am still sick about it. UNI had a chance to beat the Felons from Iowa City, (I cant give Iowa too much crap anymore because UNI had a ton of arrestees suspended so far this year) but they fell one point and two field goal attempts short. The biggest thing about the game is this, UNI still has a great shot at a National Championship with an 0-1 record and Iowa has absolutely no shot at a National Championship at a 1-0 record. As strong as UNI's offensive and defensive lines looked with a very talented quarterback that Iowa and Iowa State would love to have, they should not lose many games at all until the National Championship in Chattanooga this December. It should be a fun ride.

To end on a side note, it will be a fun time this weekend in Ames. Iowa State/Iowa tailgating begins at 4:00 am!!! Breakfast burritos and an assortment of alcohol 7 hours before kick off. Hopefully I can get some redemption after UNI lost to Iowa and see the Cyclones beat Iowa.

Go Panthers and Cyclones!!!!!


  1. Okay. That video is the funniest thing EVER! I'm still laughing about it. It kind of scared me the first time I watched it:)

  2. You just need another kid, Ian . . . that will take the wind out of her sails!!!!!!