Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday September 6, 2012 - The View From Section EE

After a few reminders and knocking off a lot of dust, I have found this blog again. Definitely late, but I guess that's what happens when the past eight months have flown by. Here is a little recap of this year:

-I moved to Ankeny and started work in Des Moines. Kristy and the girls stayed in Omaha with fingers crossed the house sells.

-March rolls around and Kristy found a job in Des Moines. So we officially move to Iowa and become small town residents again. House still on the market.

-In May, Bri ends her first year as a Kindergartner. She really enjoyed her first year of school and did a very good job!

-Middle of May: We are ready for Bri to go back to school. I'm really starting to be a full supporter of year round school. Omaha house still for sale.

-Bri played her first season to Tee Ball. She seemed to have a good time, even after she took a ball to the head on the first play of the year. Turns out, there is no safe place on a softball field for Tee Ball. She was no where close to where the ball was intended to be thrown when she got hit. Its still comical seeing 16 girls thrown onto a field. As confusing as it sounds, they have it set up really well and by the end they all looked much better.

-Emily turned 2 in June. Its been a crazy fast two years. I see a major disadvantage of having a big sister that talks as much as she does! Emma has not stopped talking. Every single day!

-At the end of June we had the annual Okoboji trip. Turned out to be a great time as usual. I think we have finally figured out that the all day pass at Arnold's Park Amusement Park is worth every penny. House is still on the market.

-As I am sitting here trying to recall the summer, its all a blur it went so fast. Seems like once the heat hit in July, all we did was stay cool by staying inside or out at the pool.

-Bri had her first taste of Great Plains Pizza in Ames. That the only pizza she wants to go to now. The honey drizzled on the crust was the deal for her!

-House is still on the market. (The common theme today.)

-A couple weeks ago, Bri started the first grade! All summer long she wanted to go to Adventureland. Well, as poor as our schedules are, we failed to make it to Adventureland. About the first week of August, she did not care about Adventureland, all she wanted to do was go to school! That is fine with us.

-Emily took up potty training. Funny thing is, she kind of started on her own. It helps having an older sister, because she tries to copy her all the time. So we have officially been saving cash on diapers for the past month.

-Last weekend we all celebrated and participated in Shawn and Alyssa's wedding. Turned out to be a great day. Just a little overcast in the after noon, but no rain, and no blazing heat! The girls were great. Bri was excited to walk down the aisle with Landon. She insisted they practice any chance they had. Bri stood up front with the rest of the girls the whole time and Emily, was Emily. Emma was suppose to walk after Kristy and I and after the runner was pulled down the aisle. She insisted walking with us while talking the whole time. At least we did not have to pick up any pedals. Those stayed in her basket!

-And finally, the house is STILL on the market. I may be 31, but I am officially getting gray hair just because of this house!

Here area  few pictures from the year:
Emily on her 2nd birthday!

Brianna running hard in Tee Ball.

Bri and I before the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Family Picture at The Harvester during Shawn and Alyssa's Reception. 

Emily next to the Cy-Hawk Trophy at the Cyclone Tailgate Tour in Marshalltown. She was so afraid of Cy. 

Bri and I at Great Plains. She's a huge fan!

Prediction time.

I am getting a late start on this portion this year. Well, I had a late start all together anyway. I believe Iowa State has 12 more games left, that includes going to a bowl game. I feel they are good enough to go make it to one. All summer long, we sat around and looked at their schedule and wondered how tough it will be. The Big 12 added West Virginia and Texas Christian and lost Missouri and Texas A&M. I feel that its pretty much a wash. Missouri and Texas A&M have not been that productive in the grand scheme of the Big 12. I do think WVU and TCU will be good programs, as they already are. But I feel they will suffer some growing pains in their first year in the league. They are talented, but they have not had to endure a conference schedule the Big 12 produces year in and year out. I am still on the optimistic side, even before their solid performance last week against Tulsa. I still see seven wins (Tulsa, Iowa, Western Illinois, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Baylor, and Kansas). I think they have a chance against Oklahoma and West Virginia at home. The TCU, Oklahoma State, and Texas road games will be tough, but the games are played on the field and we get to play the guessing game well before the year starts.

This week: @ Iowa.

Its been ten years since Seneca Wallace took an Iowa State team into Kinnick Stadium and won. Turns out, that ISU win was the only loss in the regular season for those Hawkeyes. Last week the Iowa offense had a difficult time against Northern Illinois. Iowa is breaking in a new Offensive Coordinator and I feel they will have so me growing pains throughout the year. ISU looked good at times on both sides of the ball against Tulsa. Steele Jantz completed 71.5% of his passes, something he did not do well at all last year. I think this game will be a good one, but I am going to say ISU pulls this road win off. I think the offense takes care of the ball early and jumps out to a 10-0 or 14-3 lead. Iowa will climb back in late, but ISU holds on to win.



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