Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday September 14, 2012 - The View From Section EE

So the only thing correct from last weeks prediction is an Iowa State win. 9-6 is not what I expected at all. Both offenses looked really bad at times. ISU started out fast to begin the game, then Iowa made the appropriate adjustments and ISU did not. ISU was fortunate enough to hold on to win.

A couple plays of the game I noticed, that were not the biggest highlights of the game. The first play was Iowa opting to kick the field goat at 4th and goal from the 3 yard line early in the 4th Quarter. This is similar to Iowa kicking the field goal on 4th and 1 last year in overtime. The ISU offense was ugly the second half, and the field goal still had Iowa behind by a field goal. If Iowa goes for it and is stopped, ISU has close to 100 yards to go and there would have been a good chance of them either turning it over or getting pushed back and Iowa forcing a safety. Kicking the field goal is the safe bet, but at home in a rivalry game, why not go for it.

The second play was the Steele Jantz interception near the goal line late in the game. The key was not the Interception, but to me, the game saving tackle by Jantz around mid-field. Iowa was set to run the Interception back to win the game, but Jantz in a sense, nearly lost the game and saved the game all in once play. If he doesn't drag the Iowa defender down, he would have scored and we have a different outcome.

Last Saturday we watched the game at a Hall in Tama as we attended a benefit to help our good friend Brooke.It was a very good turn out and I am glad any little bit can help with all they have been through. Now my little story about helping with the benefit.

In early August, Brooke's sister and friend started up a benefit for Brooke. They threw out the idea of a silent auction, so I figured I would see what I can do to help. I sent out emails to Iowa State, Northern Iowa, and Iowa's Athletic Directors to see what they can do to help with the silent auction. Within five minutes of sending the email to Jamie Pollard with ISU, he responded saying they would love to help and he will forward my email on to the appropriate person. Within a week, we had an ISU's football coach, Paul Rhoads, sign a football for us.

Immediately after I sent the email to Troy Dannen, the Athletic Director at UNI, I received an automated response that he was on vacation. No big deal, we were early and can wait until he got back. On the date the email said he would return, I got a response from him, at 8:12 in the morning. Not long after, I had an extra Sports Illustrated from UNI's NCAA Tournament Basketball run a few years ago signed by their coach, Ben Jacobson.

Now the kicker. I emailed Gary Barta, Iowa's Athletic Director. I even mentioned that Tim and Brooke are Iowa season ticket holders for football. I never heard back from him. I completely understand that the AD's are not the ones who are responsible for this, but the other two AD's simply guided me into the right direction. I am not trying to slam Iowa in any way, since I am obviously not a fan, but I thought it was odd I did not even get a response.

Prediction time:

This week marks our first game of the year. We are in a new parking lot this year, so we are very curious to get to Ames early to see how it is. Its a little further of a walk, but a little bit of walking will not hurt at all. We are also taking a load of kids too. This could be interesting since its a night game, but some grumpy kids fighting at night cant be all that bad!

Saturday should be a game ISU fans have been waiting for, a blow out win. Its been a couple years since ISU has had many games where they have won easily. In 2009 they started the year with a couple 20 point wins, but this one against Western Illinois should be a 40 point win. Since Vegas doesn't set any betting lines on games between the FBS/FCS subdivisions of college football, the off shore places do, and they have labeled this as an ISU favorite of 38.5 points. Its strange even seeing ISU as a favorite, let alone a 38.5 point favorite. For some reason, I see WIU covering this one. I think ISU wins, but I guessing a missed extra point or missed field goal keeps the winning margin under 38.5 points. Since the defense kept Iowa out of the end zone, I fully expect them to keep WIU out as well. I guess we will wait and see tomorrow!



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