Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday May 2, 2011

Its hard to believe that its been two months since the last entry. Its been a very busy two months, with a few more busy months to go. Here is a quick recap of the past few months.

Brianna is about to graduate from pre-school. Its really hard to believe. She has been practicing for her graduation ceremony and she wont tell us what songs they will be singing. Then a few minutes later, she is singing away all the songs at the ceremony. She is pretty excited, especially to start kindergarten. Unless she fails her finals next week!

Emily is beginning the walking stage, at 11 months! She started around Easter weekend, but this weekend she was barricaded into the basement where she has been, all on her own, walking from the tables to the couch and back. About two days after she had been doing this, Brianna finally noticed. That shows how much she pays attention while watching TV.

As for me, I took the plunge and got Lasik done to my eyes. The first 30 minutes after were awful. My eyes felt so itchy and dry I wanted to scratch them out. It didnt help Kristy took forever in a Walgreens picking up the correct eye drops for me. Then she ridicules me the rest of the way home and when I had to put the goggles on to go to bed. I guess thats what I get for never having to wear glasses or contacts again and she is stuck with them! That night I was able to watch a movie that night. Definitely worth every penny, even with the ridicule.

Last weekend we went to the housewarming party of our friends Kiel and Gene in Indianola. They have a Nerf gun that Bri wanted to play with. It has sports for three darts. Brianna has some work to do on gun control. All she wanted to do was point it at people and shoot. Who better to use for a target than her 11 month old sister right?

Then we have this next picture. Thankfully, Brianna is a horrible shot and this picture was staged. She was lucky to even hit her from that distance. I guess we better start working on proper gun etiquette.

During Katie's sale we seem to always find a million things to buy, just to keep her in business. This time we found a motorized Barbie Jeep. My parents have been looking for one of these things for quite a while. After two trips to a battery store, we have this thing operational. Bri is still a terrible driver, but in an open, empty parking lot, she manages. We decided to give Emily a shot in the passenger seat. Turns out, she loved it. Even when Bri happens to slam on the breaks and Emily's head slams back and forth. Here is a picture of these two. It will definitely make for some interesting times in ten years or so.

Then we have Emily getting into everything in the house now. I guess its time to re-apply the childlocks to all the cabinets. We also need to find a solution to Reagan's food and water bowls. He may never eat or drink while we are in this stage. Emily will not drink out of a sippy cup yet, but she has no issues using a Reagan's dirty water bowl.

And I will end the pictures with an Easter one. We went to my Parents for Easter this year and Katie brought her two boys over. This was probably best picture we could manage with these four on one couch. We were lucky they even had their good Easter clothes on, and this was five minutes after they walked into the door.

Emily, Bri, Drew, and Evan.

I thought I would end with a couple videos, if they work. One is Brianna when she was surprised with the Barbie Jeep. It was a little difficult to get her to follow some directions to go outside, but thats the way she is. The second video is a short one of Emily walking. Enjoy!


  1. You guys crack me up! Our dog dishes were the absolute worst thing we had to battle for like 6 months. They never got bored of it!

  2. Bri's reaction to the "surprise" is just priceless. You'll be so glad you got that one tape.