Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday February 3, 2011

By the looks of it, I am way behind. Got a little busy with a side of laziness. Here is a recap of the past two months.

Football season ended, and I was wrong once again on my prediction, that was a common theme this year. The Missouri game was far from being mild in temperature. I guess I should have expected it since it was the end of November.

Right before Christmas, Emily gave us quite the scare. A few days after her shots, she had a very crabby night. We took her in to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong. After we got home, the called us back in. Still, they couldn't find anything. Then after a few hours at home, and while we were all napping, Kristy went to change Emily and she had a minor seizure. So, an ambulance ride from Irvington Volunteer Fire Department ensued. (Now we will have to visit their annual street dance fundraiser this summer) After a number of hours in the ER that included a test of her spinal fluid, still no real results of why this all happened. Turns out the seizure was caused by her rapid rise in her body temperature. Now what caused that rapid rise still went undetermined. It could have been her vaccine shots a few days prior or the lingering colds that we all had for weeks. After a week or so, she slowly started to get back to normal.

Christmas came and went about as fast as I can ever remember. Both Bri and Emma made out like bandits. We went to the Portable North Pole website and created a good video from Santa Claus to Bri. Once again her face was priceless once he started to talk to her. It was so much fun listening her talk about Santa. She also got a call from him, or her Uncle Bruce, and after she became sad. We asked her what's the matter and she became sad because she was thinking of how naughty she was and was basically afraid she would get left out.
Not long after Christmas I turned the big 3-0. Had a pretty calm weekend. We went ice skating after Bri finished school. I thought for sure it was going to be my turn for an ER visit. Surprisingly, we all made out without injury. We then road tripped to Lincoln for the Iowa State vs Nebraska basketball game. Thank God Nebraska is off to the Big Ten. I can stand loses to Nebraska, especially another one point loss.

As we move on I have a common theme, doctor visits. This week Bri decides to take her chances on jumping off the steps. In her words, she jumped after the fifth step. I assumed it was fifth from the top, but she counts from the bottom. Took her to the doctor and its just a sprain. She got x-rays and everything, but after two days, she still can't walk on it. Nothing like carrying around a four year old all over the house. She is going to milk this for as long as she can.

And for a final note, my sister-in-law Alyssa and her boyfriend, Shawn should be sitting in warm and sunny South Africa right about now. They had quite the adventure just leaving the middle of our great country just to get on their flight to Port Elizabeth. Check out their blog on my list to your right to see how their semester is going. It sounds like a fun trip and we wish them the best of luck!

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  1. And I will try to keep this more current and add a bunch of pictures from Christmas.