Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday March 18, 2010

For this installment I will do my best to describe what the issues are with the future of our youth. These kids aren't dumb or stupid, its their parents. The problems our society will endure is because of bad parenting.

My case in point is Brianna's pre-school. Below is a diagram using MS Paint. It's not very good, but its the best I could come up with. Back in August, we had to attend a parents meeting about the school. There are simple rules that they ask us parents to follow.This one simple rule that I am about to explain bugs me to death that its not followed by parents every single day.

Here is the diagram:

The diagram did not turn out like planned, but I will explain. The gray area is the parking lot. The main entrance is on the left and once inside the doors there is a waiting area. Once classes are done, they open the door and the parents line up to pick the kids up and leave. The rule that they asked us in the beginning is to walk in the door on the left, wait in line, and once you pick up your child, you continue walking in the same direction, illustrated by my red arrows, and exit on the other end. Once you exit on the other end of the building you turn around a corner and are back in the parking lot. Its a small room/hallway, so this is intended to keep one way traffic flowing to ease the congestion in the hallway.

Every single day, there are the same parents who never follow this rule. Yesterday it ticked me off even more because Bri's classroom in the first room, right by the entrance. So we all wait in line and the line goes out the door into the waiting area. We are in the doorway blocking it and the same mother that does this every week, goes to the end of the hallway to pick her kid up and then walks back toward our line. She he has to squeeze through all of us in line. There are even times when she tells her kid "we are going the wrong way", but she continues to do this. I usually just stare at her and wonder why she does not have to follow the rules of others.

When we see kids causing problems or not listening, its not 100% their fault, its their idiot parents. If the parents cant follow a simple rule, how in the hell are their kids suppose to be held accountable for the rules they are breaking? Its frustrating to see, but what can I do.

Today begins one of the best weekends in sports, the first and second rounds of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. UNI got hosed as being a 9 seed with 4 loses, but if they win today, they have a shot at shocking the county and beating Kansas. Go Panthers!!

Finally, I completed a few brackets this year. I submitted 2 to the local sports talk radio shows. One I completed on my own and the second one was Bri's first bracket. I am having issues loading it on here at this time, but we completed the bracket on what mascots were playing. Bri's Final Four is Ohio State vs. Butler and Clemson vs. Notre Dame. She has has Clemson beating Butler for the National Championship. In a few short weeks, we will see how well her bracket does. I could probably see that bracket beating the real ones I completed.

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