Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday January 18, 2010

It has been about a month since my last visit and its been busy. Christmas was good. We pushed up the arrival of Santa Claus for Brianna this year due to weather. When she got up, she was excited to see what Santa brought her. She had been asking for a pretend puppy, and that's what she got. We have been having issues with Bri wanting to take pictures with our camera. She will throw a fit if we don't let her, so we bought her a kids digital camera. She loves it. A majority of her pictures are action shots, her running around and snapping pictures, but she has taken a few good ones.
Brianna and her standard action shot.
A grumpy self shot.
And finally one of her better pictures. At least she let Shawn and Morgan pose for this one.

The weather did hit the Omaha area like they predicted. We were able to leave Omaha a day early to beat the weather. We made it to my parents in Harlan without hitting any problems. Just a decent amount of rain. In Harlan the rain was starting to freeze on the city streets, but the interstate was just wet. Once we got to Baxter, the weather was not bad at all. Just foggy and some little freezing rain. When we woke up Christmas morning, it still did not snow like it was in Omaha. I believe it was around 37 degrees when we woke up but it dropped in a hurry.

We needed to make it back to Omaha for Kristy to work the Saturday after Christmas. The roads around Baxter were fine, but the closer we got to Omaha, the interstates were closing. We ended up staying another night in Baxter. We definately did not want to take our chances getting stuck in that maess.

We had no problem driving back, the interstates were good. The problem we ran into was, our driveway. I figured it would be bad, but not this bad. I had been in contact with a co-worker who had offered to bring his snow blower over to clear our driveway. Since we were gone I was not able to at least do some damage control during the storm.

There was around 4 feet of snow throughout the whole driveway, including the mess the County road crews made at the base of the driveway. This prompted us to retire the shovel and purchase a snow blower. I don't care if it doesn't snow again, the snow blower is worth its weight in gold.

Now our back yard, is even worse. 95% of the yard is full of snow, up over the fence in most parts. Poor Reagan had this large back yard that has been reduced to a small strip along the house. He has yet to even try to walk on the snow. This has also caused him to avoid going outside for his bathroom breaks. That lazy, 85 pound house dog, will be making messes at the Humane Society if he keeps this up.

All in all, 2009 has been a good year, minus this snow. Bri is enjoying her first year of preschool. Her teachers seem to enjoy her in class, the obviously do not know the real Brianna. We have a little one on the way. Only time will tell, if he or she will be just like Bri. We cant possibly get another screaming, non-stop talking kid??

I cant forget to add, its great living in Nebraska we have a year to tout an Iowa State win in Lincoln in football and a recent UNI basketball win against Creighton here in Omaha. The more those teams lose, the better it is to be a Nebraskan!!!

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