Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday December 1, 2011 - The View From Section EE

In my opinion, if there is ever such a thing called a moral victory, Iowa State had one last week in Norman, OK. ISU was once again a four touchdown underdog and they only lost by three touchdowns. That sounds pretty bad, but for a team that lost in Norman 52-0 last year, a 26-6 loss is nothing to be ashamed of. The defense once again played as well as any team in the Big 12, only giving up 3 points in the entire second half. If the offense showed any signs of life, they very well could have won the game, or at the very least, made it a one possession game. One more game to go, until the bowl game.

Last weekend Kristy went out and bought the girls an Elf on a Shelf. I had never heard of it before, but its a really good idea. It is a book that comes with our very own Elf. A few of the rules are that we have to name it and kids can not touch him, or he will lose his Christmas magic. Each night, the Elf, reports back to Santa Claus and comes back each morning to watch the kids. As luck would have it, the show was on the same night we opened the book. Brianna decided to name ours Fred. She wants to touch or pick him up pretty bad and its funny. The first night he slept in her room, then bright and early the next morning, she was up searching all over for him. This trend has continued, ALL week. Today he was in her room on her bookshelf and when she found him, she said "finding Fred was easy-peasy!". Its been pretty cute and a very good idea. I am just waiting for her to be naughty some day and he doesn't re-appear some morning. She will be devastated, therefore, it may be a bad idea on my part to traumatize her at age 5. I may wait on that plan.

Here is what Fred looks like. A little creepy? Yes. But a really good idea. This is not exactly Fred, but I currently do not have a picture of him. I am sure we will get a few in the next 25 days.

Here is a pretty funny story that happened today. Bri gets home from school today and she has a note from one of the neighbor girls. Here is a picture of the front and back.

The note reads (In the best way I can decipher it.):
to bree
from Eden
Stop the mean stuf pea

Dear Bree
Rillie your bing mean on the 1 day of schol to the 1 day of school could stop you please i dont like it

So, we talked to Brianna today and asked her what she did to this Eden girl that may have made her upset. Bri said she did not do anything and went to her room and cried. Later on I spoke to her and Bri said she told Eden "secretes dont make friends", so I am guessing that is the trigger for this whole ordeal. Bri said she wanted to give her a letter that said she will never talk to her again and that letter hurt her feelings. So the girls fighting on the bus continues. Who knows what will happen next.

On a little side note, Brianna is not ours at all. Tonight Kristy took the girls to Bri's school for an Christmas Tree event. Kristy said some of the kids there had the opportunity to go up front and sing some songs. Who is front and center with the microphone in her face? Brianna. Next Thursday will be interesting at her concert! Here is Bri right next to the piano and I assume the music teacher:

My prediction: (6-5 on the season.)

Now back to the final game of the regular season for Iowa State. Its hard to believe that the last game is here. Most thought this team would be lucky to win three games. They have doubled that and being a Cyclone fan, six wins is a good season! The last two seasons, ISU played Kansas State in Kansas City. Now the games have been moved back to campuses and ISU makes the trip to Manhattan. K-State has surprised almost everyone this year. They sit at 9-2 and with a win over ISU Saturday and an Oklahoma win over Oklahoma State, K-State will have a share of the Big 12 title with the Oklahoma schools. Old man Bill Snyder, in his second term coaching at K-State, can work some miracles. There is definitely a level of jealousy from me on the success that program has had.

Enough about that, I think Saturdays game will be an entertaining one. ISU's defense has played outstanding the past five weeks and I see that trend continuing. The offense, once again, needs to step up and hold onto the ball. Early turnovers hurt last week at Oklahoma, and with the K-State running game, they will eat a lot of clock and make it difficult to overcome turnovers. Sounds like the weather may not be very cooperative in Kansas, so it could be a low scoring game. I think the defense plays very well again and the offense corrects some mistakes from last week and puts some points on the board. Vegas has this game as K-State favored by 11.5 points. I say ISU pulls out the win and finishes the season beating three Top 25 teams this season!



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