Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday September 15, 2011 - The View From Section EE

Its Thursday and its still hard to believe Iowa State pulled out the 44-41 overtime win against Iowa last weekend. The first drive of the game, ISU looked good and we had the feeling it could be a good day. Then all of a sudden, they fumbled the ball inside Iowa's 10 yard line. Once the first quarter ended, Iowa was up 10-0. At that point, we thought it was going to be as ugly as the last two years. At the end of the second quarter, it was tied at 10 and things started to look promising.

Things became very interesting toward the end of the regulation and overtime. The kicking game has been the most nerve wrecking part of ISU football for years. In the first overtime, ISU was down to a fourth and goal play to either tie the game or Iowa wins the game. ISU completed the pass and made the touchdown, but it was harder to watch the ISU kicking game kick an extra point to extend the game. Thankfully, no issues on the extra point this time around. It felt pretty good being on this side of the nail bitter of a game than the time of games ISU tends to be apart of. See last years Nebraska game and a thousand other games.

Turned out to be the second largest crowd to witness a game at Jack Trice Stadium, and it turned out to be one of the best games ever played there, in my opinion. I even would admit, if Iowa won the game, it was still a very good game to watch. Unfortunately, there are no good stories involving the Rhodes tank or anything like that. When the game last four hours and there are no beverages inside the stadium, it tends to calm things down. But, things definitely picked up after the game. Had to celebrate somehow! Below is a picture of us and the crowd rushing the field after the game.

Before I make my prediction for tomorrow, we went to Bri's open house at school. She was so excited to show us all the rooms she goes to at school. We finally got to take a picture of her at her desk. She was so excited to show us everything, we didn't even get a chance talk to her teacher. I guess that is what conferences are for in a couple weeks.

This week ISU is breaking out an all white uniform for the Friday night showdown at Connecticut. There are pictures floating around the internet of a white ISU helmet, but the reports are saying they will stick with the standard cardinal helmet. I guess we will find out on ESPN tomorrow night. After last weeks performance, I feel this is a very winnable game. ISU's spread offense finally showed the progress the coaches talked about three years ago. The wide receivers are making plays, the running backs are picking up the needed yards, and Jantz at quarterback is completing the throws ISU fans have been desperately waiting to see.

My prediction:

My record this season: 1-1


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