Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday December 11, 2009

The Christmas season is definitely in full force here. Brianna is really enjoying it this year. In a tribute to the movie Bad Santa, we bought Bri an Advent calender. Not really like the movie, it doesn't give the story of Christmas, but a My Little Pony calender. It is filled with tons of very small ponies and pony accessories. They will all be chewed up, not by Reagan, and lost by the first of the year. It keeps her occupied and that is half the battle.
Bri still is liking Santa Claus a lot. She has been to see him twice already. The first visit we took her and her Aunt Morgan to see him in Des Moines. They were pretty good. The second time we took her to the same Santa Claus for the past four years here in Omaha. This Santa Claus definitely plays the role very well, I wonder how he prepares for the Easter Bunny? No fake beard either. We showed up early and were waiting on a bench for him and the "Elf" to show up. He came right up to her on the bench and talked to her. Bri was kind of shy and that doesn't happen too often. Here are a couple pictures with Bri and Santa Claus.

We also got hammered with snow this week. Thank God Tim let me borrow his 25 year old snow blower. That things is a beast. On the first day of the storm, before we got snowed in, I took Bri and Reagan out while I shoveled. Bri absolutely loves the snow, even though she was eating it most of the time. Reagan on the other hand, couldn't stand it. He is an 85 pound wuss. He just stood there with his coat on and was ready to go back in. He was also being annoyed by Bri. Somewhere on TV, bri got the idea that throwing snow is fun. Reagan kept getting his face full of snow. Kind of funny, but definitely mean. Below is the best picture we could get of Bri and Reagan together.

On a final note, we have a new addition on the way to the family. I had searched all over for a new puppy. There were some good ones to choose, but we decided to go with a more expensive pick, a kid. Brianna will be a big sister this June. She is pretty excited. Kristy had a doctor appointment a few weeks ago and Bri and I went. Bri thought the baby was going to be here that day. She has been pretty funny. During one of the sick moments for Kristy, Bri walked up and told her to be careful so she doesn't puke the baby out. I think she is ready to have someone other than Reagan to boss around. I am sure it will start this June. Below is a one of the ultrasound pictures. It didn't turn out so well, but I thought I would give it a try.

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